The Flowing Dutchman


Upcoming Mace Flow workshop in Liverpool UK. at Valhalla Training Academy.

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The Mace Masterclass Series has just launched on the website. The most elaborate Mace program out there!


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Harbert started Functional Harbeats in 2017 as a functional training facility in Amsterdam. Around that time he also became obsessed with the mace, steel mace or macebell. This led him to travel to the U.S. and India to attain multiple certifications and to chase the history of the mace. He is now an international mace coach teaching courses all over the world.


If you're into steel mace, you'll be into Harbeats Workshop. Coming from a perspective of a Steel Mace Flow Educator, there's a whole other perspective of how to flow with a steel mace. You get to add on to the way that you experience moving through space and time with it. He offers different ways to think of rotational force and using hand transitions to move with it, and against it; Additional ideas to pivot and change direction; A different way to chase circles. It helped my practice tremendously. Besides that, he's just awesome to be around as a human.
Jamie Pinto
Steel Mace Flow Educator
I had the amazing opportunity to attend Harbeats Steel Mace workshop in New Jersey at Critical Mass. The workshop was life changing and packed full of so much knowledge and not just swinging the mace but how to move and let the mace take you to whole new places. Harbert had a great arsenal of ways to describe and show what he was teaching, which made it quicker and more fun for everyone to take in whether that be audio or visual. His approach to steel mace and flow training are one of a kind and something that I know my practice has greatly benefited from and I surely won't forget the experience!
Quinn Jaxon
Steel Mace & Kettlebell Coach
I attented The Flowing Dutchman workshop in Long Beach. I would like to say it was a great experience! I thought the workshop was very informative. Harbert is a phenomenal teacher and has a gift and true passion for the mace. I would highly recommend this workshop and look forward to working with the Flowing Dutchman again!!
John Cusack
Personal Trainer
Harbert "The Flowing Dutchman" is a chilled trainer. With a lot of patience he gives me, as part of the over-sixties group, the correct cues to handle the mace to get me from mindful mechanics to actual mace flow. I believe Harbert to be the right person to give the mace it's proper place in Dutch physical training.
Hans Jolink