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Which Steel Mace weight should you buy? First and second Macebell

Which Mace weight should you buy ⁉️ One of the questions I get asked the most. In this blog I’ll talk about my advice for people who are interested in mace training and would really like to buy their first and/or second mace. When starting out most people compare the mace to a kettlebell or...

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flowing dutchman

Which Hand Should Be on Top When Swinging a Mace?

Which hand should be on top? An important question that is one of the first questions that I get when I first teach someone to swing. The reason why it’s so important is because there are always two ways you can swing a mace, so it makes sense to switch hands and not only emphasise...

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mace swinging

Swinging My Way Through India | Gada | Steel Mace

I was waiting at the Delhi airport for my big bag hoping that I would still find my mace in there. When I got my big bag I noticed it still had a pointy shape, which meant good news: there were going to be mace flows in India. This was my second trip to India....

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