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Three years ago I started creating FridayFlows. Every Friday I create(d) a short 1 or 2 minute video in which I explain a flow, exercise or complex with the mace. Over the years the FridayFlows have gotten popular, and people have started following them. There is an issue however, most people that follow it now, didn’t follow it back then. And not every FridayFlow is available anymore on youtube and instagram.

That is why I created this series. This series is for those of you that love the FridayFlows, but want to take learning them to the next step. You’ll get easy access to every FridayFlow that has been released. Since it has been over 3 years of me creating FridayFlows you can imagine that you’ll get a lot of videos and training for your mace practice.

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Harbert Egberts Harbert Egberts Author

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What Others Have Said

Amazing content – Very good instruction
By: Tom Quittner

These videos have helped me so much, thank you!

Very Good Tutorials
By: Antonio DA SILVA

Very educational for exercises and flows. Warning, in Beginner exercices section (07of17 and 8of17) There is the same video. Thanks for this courses. Greetings

Great Simple Guides
By: Georgina Barnes

a great guide to learn basic and complex movements that break the mould of steel mace workouts and flows.