Mace Masterclass Series


Welcome to the Mace Masterclass Series. These series is a deep dive into what’s possible with a mace. If you’re familiar with the mace, you’ll know that there are a lot of possibilities to move with a mace. These series are an attempt to capture the gist of the mace, which is based around momentum. This Gist is discussed in the first Series, the Foundations. After going through the Foundations you’re able to progress to any one of the series, which all have a main theme. Some focus on a way of moving with the mace, some on a specific direction, and some on a particular grip.

Description. This program is divided into 6 Series:

  1. Foundations: The gist of the mace, the foundations that all other series sprout from. You will have to go through the Foundations before starting any of the other series.
  2. Traditional Series: Focusses on more traditional style swings at the end of the handle of the mace. In this series we’ll discuss multiple variations with one or two hands that grip the mace at the end of the handle, Position 1.
  3. Modern Series: Delves deep into Position 2, and 3 of the mace, exploring many possibilities and crossovers with Series 1.
  4. Dagger Grip Series: Focusses solely on the dagger grip and all of its variations.
  5. Whirlwind Series: Focusses on direction 3, everything that moves around the body.
  6. Cradle Grip and Dagger Grip Series: In the last series we’ll focus on the Cradle Grip and the Sword Grip. This Series uses some of the movements from the prior Series and combines them with the Cradle, and Sword Grip.

The program is geared towards building a solid structure with a lot of key moves to prove this point. It’s meant as a guide along your journey towards mastery of the mace. This means that you will not be able to complete every one of the exercises the first time you watch them. Every video about an exercise starts simple and becomes complex as the video progresses. It is therefore not a program that requires you to finish a particular movement, before progressing to the next. This also allows you to skip any move that seems out of reach at the moment.

Difficulty. It is not necessary to complete any other mace program before starting the Mace Masterclass. There is, however, no restraint in difficulty in this program. So it’s to be expected that not every move you go fluently the first time you practice it. Mastery of the Mace requires disciplined practice, and this program is a guide along that journey.

Length. The program has no time limit. This means you’ll always be able to come back to it, to give you a new insight or movement. The course has eight hours of material, and the videos (apart from the Foundations) can viewed separately from each other.

I am enjoying the program very much! I find it challenging in new ways. Some of the language and names are different than what I am used to. But it is good to learn new styles and interpretations of the practice.  I love how you let your personality come through. I’m about to start the next segment now!

Kristin @diaryofafitnessjourney

While I was tempted to skip the traditional series (you know, „come on, I know how to do 360s“, blablabla…), I am honestly glad I didn‘t – I‘ve never tried 360s, figure 8s etc. in all directions and with different pivots before. And I must say: whoa, cool stuff – exactly what I was missing.

Maximilian @krae.max

Course Instructor

Harbert Egberts Harbert Egberts Author

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What Others Have Said

A universe of training possibilities
By: Doro Appel

Beats masterclass was one of the best investments i did this year! I thought I know something about mace training, now I know I knew very little yet probably do. It's like a whole new universe of training possibilities with the mace! The program is very organized with tons of information how to handle the mace regarding moves, directions and pivots. It still blows my mind sometimes and it has a great carryover to my usual mace training - e.g. my technique for heavy swings improved so much although I am basically doing light weight technical training in the masterclass. If you want to bring your mace training to the next level (wherever you start) I highly recommend this program!

By: Eric Greenberg

The Masterclass is a complete gamechanger for those interested in learning more about mace flow. It is extremely well organized and user friendly. He breaks down complex movement making them accessible to even beginner students. The videos are clear, concise and easy to follow. Don't hesitate joining this program if you are serious about learning the mace.