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The great Valhalla Training Academy is located in Liverpool and is bringing The Flowing Dutchman to Great Britain! A full day experience with only maces. This ticket includes a Valhalla 5kg mace that you can bring home after the workshop.


The workshop ‘The Flowing Dutchman’ will take you on a ride. The mace is one of the most versatile training tools you’ll ever come across. You will learn about it’s origin, about the traditional style of training with a mace. This will be our bridge into the wild world of mace flow. Moving with a mace may look incredibly complicated to you and you have no idea were to begin. We will discuss warm-up exercises, foundations, key exercises, transitions, and flows that are a staple of mace flow. These exercises will increase your skill-level and will give you the ability to dissect any flow into smaller pieces. You will be given a framework on how to build a flow. This workshop will empower you to become more mindful and creative in your movement practice.


If you are a trainer and want to know how to help your clients with mace training.

If you bought a mace for personal practise, but found out it was a lot harder and much more complex than you had imagined.

If you are more advanced in your practise, but want to add knowledge and foundation to step up your game.

If you feel stuck, and unmotivated. This workshop will give you a new insight into what movement can be.

For people that have gone to a workshop before. This workshop will reveal new discoveries and will have new content. Every workshop is unique and a learning experience.


Harbert is a triple-certified mace coach who has been teaching the mace now for three years to clients. He went to India four times to discover the history of the mace and is now spreading the word all over the world.


The workshop will start at 09:30 and will end at 17:30

We will have a one hour break. Snacks are available.


We will take precautions on the corona situation. The location is big enough to keep distance. We will also have a 100% money back policy if corona would inhibit us coming together for a workshop.

Starting time will be 09:30 and we’ll finish the day around 17:30. Snacks will be available on location throughout the day.


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