The Flowing Dutchman

The direction of my life changed drastically when I finished my studies at the university. I decided to pursue my dreams and founded Functional Harbeats back in 2017. At that time I became obsessed with the mace and started to incorporate that into my personal training and training classes. Even though nobody knew about the mace, everyone that touched a mace was enthusiastic. In 2018 I visited the U.S. to meet the big names in the mace community and I got three certifications for the mace specifically.

After that trip I visited India for the second time to pursue the history of the mace. Every culture around the world has had some type of mace as a weapon or tool. It is has been amazing to see a culture that already uses the basic types of movements with a mace for 3000 years. They call it a Gada. And it basically is a bamboo/wooden stick with cement/stone at the end of it. They have been using these movements for strength in Kushti wrestling, a specific type of wrestling in India.

The year after I went to India again to document even more training traditions in India. I still have the same motorbike and I use it when I travel to India. I’ve fallen in love with the country and it will not be the last time I visited. After India I returned to the USA to give three mace flow workshops and meet more mace people. The USA is the epicenter of the mace as we know it in the West, and I’m grateful to know so many people that are involved in this. Functional Harbeats has multiple online mace programs to increase people’s skill with the mace, steel mace, macebell all over the world.

I breathe movement and personal development. I search for personal development, adventure, and knowledge. I am here to help you attain the best version of yourself.


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